Jan 6 1943

From “Give me back my dreams” by Anne Maybury.


“When two people fall really in love, something very beautiful happens in the world, and that alone should give us courage and hope.

“Because we are human we can’t be satisfied with love as an ideal in our lives.

We must have something more, we must materialise, possess the substance.

Actually, it is only the loving that matters.

“If we never saw each other again, because we are human we’d be heart-broken; but deep down inside us something would know that time didn’t count in love. We have loved – that is what would count. If one of us died, a kind of process of death would go on inside the other, too.

But in a little while we would get over it.

Not because we didn’t love enough, but because we loved so much that we knew that love reached out beyond everything material, beyond death itself.

We should want to go on being happy because of that love which hasn’t ended with death. So, – love shouldn’t make us despair, because we can’t have materially and physically as much of it as we want.”

“Whatever is uncertain —– we’ve always got the memory of how happy we have been together —–

If we have Courage”—–”


Anne Maybury’ was the usual pseudonym of Anne Arundel (Mrs Anne Buxton), a prolific author. The title Give me Back my Dreams was published in 1936. (The broken lines represent illegible writing in the Diaries.)

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