Sat Nov 29 9.15 P.M. 1941

“Thirty days hath September
April, June and dull November”
This is the last day but one of dull November,
I have known more fogs and gales I remember,
But short dark days we have had in plenty
And I’m thankful the date is at last 9 and twenty.

On Wed. Ron was 21. He came home, tho’, as he had to see the M.O. he missed his bus’ and “thumbed it” from Binbrook. He arrived home at 12.10. Father had been to Willoughby as we did not receive Ron’s letter to say he might not come. We were so disappointed as it was his “coming of age” and I had just decided to make my Xmas puddings, when he walked in. I was surprised and pleased too tho’ he was hot and tired and looked very white and seedy. It seemed he had a kind of sweat-rash and he had worried very much about it, but the other fellows told him it was nothing, and we looked it up in the Med. books and found it was something after the nature of fungus which causes ring-worms in children and sore toes in sweating-feet. We had cured Ron’s feet from that two or three years ago. Tinea was the name and some of them said it could be caught from blankets. Had a letter today saying he felt much better after his day at home. His cake with almond paste but not white icing was very good. We opened my last tin of Salmon (now we have points rationing I shall be able to get some more I expect) as it was an especial occasion. It was bright and windy and I took two snaps of him, hope they come out well. Rene was home for tea. We gave him a week-end case £1.1. Jean gave him a travelling ink-well and writing pad. Harriet a F.Pen and pencil. Aunt Amy 10/0, Uncle Frank 10/0, Ralph 5/0. Emmie and her people gave him a silver cig. case. I sent E. a ¼ of his cake.

We have sent for a permit to kill our pig on or about 15 Dec. Hope it weighs well. I had a small ½ leg of frozen lamb this week – it was very good, have put some haricot beans to soak so that they will be ready when I hash up the last remains. Got one small bone of sirloin for the week-end as we had some lamb left. I made mint sauce from dried mint by pouring boiling water over first then adding sug and vin, it was quite good. Yesterday and today have been miserable drizzles. Heard from Emily yesterday that Jaines might call for the organ today (I am lending it to her) so packed it up first thing (after daylight) this morning, then postman brought another letter to say she had forgotten to give her name, however she had given mine and I had already labelled it. Now it is all ready and they haven’t been for it so it is rather an eyesore for tomorrow. Rene went to her Decontamination Practise last night. Father says they have a lecture on Aeroplanes on Friday morning, think it will be in Hallgarth’s room this time. It is very still tonight and I have heard no planes so far. Cleaned best bedroom on Thursday and pantry-shelves to-day.

MO is an abbreviation for medical officer.

‘Tinea’ is the medical name for ringworm – fungal skin infection. ‘Tinea pedis’ is the name for ‘athlete’s foot’.

Jaines was a transport company based in Louth.

The small pedal organ was the first instrument used at home by Jean to practise piano pieces taught by Mrs Hipkin (see 16 Dec. 1940).


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