8.20 am Thur Dec. 11 [1941]

Jean has gone to school tho’ it poured with rain when she left here. It has just left off pattering at the window. She will be in the bus’ by now I expect. She put on a waterproof “pixie” and her Wellingtons, and took a change of stockings. It is “exams” or I should not have let her go. But do not want her to miss any. She is 6th in term work aver. 75%. There are about 30 in class so not so bad. Geo. Ran[son] is top as usual. Cleaned Jean’s bedroom yesterday and finished ironing, also put up the sit. room curtains. Had asthma about 5 o’c. this morning so rose about 6.45 and got a cup of tea and it is settling down. Pig can’t be killed until Tue. 16th now so must get all cleaning done this week if possible. Shall have a quiet Xmas I expect as Ron won’t be here and Father goes on watch at 8. p.m. Wish Mr. A would go out for the day, but expect we shall have to ask him here again as we shall want Rene to come. Think I will make a pair of curtains until it gets daylight. Have been knitting Jean’s second glove, am just ready to increase for thumb. Rene’s cold not gone yet.

George Ranson was the son of niece Ciss and her husband Percy Ranson. George was a Boys’ Brigade member and Percy was in the Royal Observer Corps and Home Guard. Ciss, a sister of Connie, was a daughter of Will’s eldest brother, George (see 2 Feb. 1941).

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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