April 6 Sun 9.15 pm [1941]

Father brought suit home Friday. Very nice, dark blue serge with white stripe and fits O.K. Bought two pigs Saturday, one for us and one for Eff. Black Essex about 14 weeks, £2.5s each. Hope we are able to feed them for bacon. The other is very useful tho’ I think with skimping that it is a bit stringy. Rene expects to have some teeth out on Tuesday.

Yugoslavia is at war with Germany and Italy. And Greece is attacked by Germany too. Hope it will bring the end of the war nearer. U.S. is sending speedy help. I wonder if the fighting will ever come to this country. It does not seem possible but I suppose it is. I hope it never does tho’.

Have written to Ron tonight. Wonder if he’ll be here tomorrow. It already seems like a long time since he was here tho’ not two weeks yet. Ray[mond] came on Friday for 7 days leave, is leaving Sig. now, expects to go to Scottish Highlands when he goes back. The soldier who used to pass up and down with two white pack horses has been killed by bombs we hear. The Colonel’s daughter had a nasty spill at Halls’ corner today. Her horse fell with her. Hope Maddison who is on watch with Father will have news of her. They are staying at Madds.

Rene and Con came this afternoon and stayed tea. Mr. A was having a nap after gardening! then he was going to Chapel. Rene went this morning but was expecting Edie Crow in tonight. I have not been, the wind is very cold and the preacher tonight not very special. Jean is on couch, she says don’t go to bed yet as a few planes have been about. They were not ours. Think Hitler is getting a lot of irons in the fire and may get burnt with some of them.

Ethel ‘Eff’ Raynor, Will’s sister (see 9 Dec. 1940), was meant here.
Raymond Hill, son of Charles and Mary (see 16 Dec. 1940), was meant here.
‘Sig.’ probably refers to the Army Royal Corps of Signals.
Halls’ Stores (see 28 Nov. 1940 and Village map) occupied a corner site near ‘The Point’, at that time.
Percy Maddison, a coastguard, lived at ‘Sunny Lodge’, near ‘the basin’, south of ‘The Point’. (See Village map.)
Connie (‘Con’) Hill, daughter of George and Rose (see 2 Feb. 1941), was meant here.

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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