8 am Sun Jan 26 [1941]

Nearly a month gone in 1941. It is over a year since I started to keep a diary. They are very interesting (to me) to read over. Had 2 letters from Ron, he sent £1 home 2/6 each for Rene and Jean. Rene’s for Xmas box evidently forgetting he had given her a basket before he went. Jean’s is for her birthday in Feb. 5/0 for my Xmas box and 10/0 for his cache. I want a polishing mop with mine if I can get one, Shepherds’ only had cheap ones and they are not much good. Father has got the spare part he needs for car at least he hopes so. F Coote let him have his car (Mrs Smith’s old Austin 7) yesterday. I hear that Mrs S. is really going to the Scilly Isles.

Shepherds’ hardware shop is believed to have been in Alford.
Frank Coote of the farmhouse adjoining ‘Sunny Side’ was meant here. (See 9th Dec. 1940)
Mrs Smith was the separated wife of a holiday caravan site owner. She and her twin daughters lived in a cottage near Cradle Bridge before moving to the Scilly Isles.
May’s writing on this day was interrupted with an ‘emergency’ request to help a former neighbour – an explanation will be given in the next Diary entry.

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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