Mon May 24. 10.30. p.m. [1943]

Wrote an Air Mail Letter to Ron after Father had gone on watch so as it was getting late when I had finished doc[toring] Jean’s psoriasis I came to bed after a cup of Horlicks and a slice of new bread and farm butter. Hope I don’t get indigestion. We had two letters from Ron to-day written 8th and 11th of May so I answered them altho’ I had written to him as usual yesterday. I want him to get them as often as possible, they mean so much when away from home. He says they have been as good as told they won’t be coming home at present. Ron seems quite resigned. Says the corn is now up to his shoulders, that the mountains are lovely especially in the evenings, that the sunsets are gorgeous and the sky a real deep blue. I am glad he can appreciate the sunsets and scenery, what he sees now will be a memory for life. Says Arab cut his hair this week and it looks as if it had been cut round a basin but that it is no matter as they see no one. I should think it would get rather monotonous except that they are so busy and work long hours. He sounded to be enjoying his day off resting and writing and in the latest letter he had received an airgraph dated Apr 22 and AML [air-mail letter] Apr 29. In the first letter he was hoping for one but towards end of letter wrote “There is no mail for me to-day” and I could feel how disappointed he was.

Mary has heard from Ray again and he sent more photos. He has clipped off about ½ his great moustache. Chris fetched D[aisy]’s gloves on Sat, brought a ¼ tea. Told him I did not want it but he said “it will have to stay, Mother says it’s not to come back” and his blue eyes twinkled. It is very useful. Last Thursday I went to Rene for a few hours, Father had to go to Sun[ningdale] Drive for Cawleys at 12 o’c so I went with him. I left his dinner ready and took ½ the rabbit pie with me. I made a pie with remaining rabbit and Sun[day]- beef. It was very good too. She made it hot and we had a bread and butter pudding with 2 eggs in it and raisins. I have been again to-day, Thurs was the first time since she was married. Tom came about 9.15. am to say Rene had sweep coming at 10 so could not come to wash. As Father was going to Redcott I decided to take remains of little bread I had from Harriet and a tin of “Spam” or “Prem” [? unclear] and go on the 10.30. bus’ to see if I could help. She was pleased to see me I think and so was “Bill”. Sweep had gone and had not made much soot about. Rene had cleaned room and was sweeping up what little soot there was. Afterwards I washed pictures and ornaments and put them in study so that kit[chen] was clear and after dinner I washed up. (Rene made a Q[uaker] oat pudding with raisins, very good too.) Father came for dinner and then went home as it rained. I stayed until 4, swept up kit. and distempered frieze while Rene did ceiling cream and did a bit of tangerine distemper on wall. Think Rene would about finish the walls by Tom got home for tea. As there is no fire in kit. she said she should push furniture into place and put the rug down by fire so that T. could be comfortable if he wanted to stay in. He would have been in garden if fine and even then might be in shed.

It still rains fast I believe. I am very tired as it is a long walk and it rained fast all the way home. I had my mac as I thought the elements would be upset if I went out two days in less than a week. It is 11.15 now so won’t seem so long ‘till 2. a.m. when Father returns and I am not as nervous as last week, at least I don’t think so. I haven’t heard any planes so far.

Cawleys presumably lived in, or were visiting, Sunningdale Drive near Rene and Tom.

The unclear word transcribed as ‘Prem’ (possibly an abbreviation of ‘Premier’) probably refers to a brand of canned luncheon meat, an alternative to the better-known ‘Spam’

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