Mon. March 15. 10 pm. [1943]

Not an enemy plane last night but tonight 2 heavy explosions rattled the windows and we keep hearing gun fire, once I saw a flash, when we went down garden path to look round. We have been in pantry 2 or 3 times, under the stairs, when we have heard planes. My legs keep trembling. Jean and I are alone until 2 am. Perhaps I ought to go to bed as Jean needs to get her rest, but I could not sleep. She is composing herself for sleep now after curling her hair. I am very nervous and when I think of all the bombers we send nightly and daily too to Ger. I feel that we can only expect that they will come over here and do as much damage as they can. Oh! if only it were all over.

Father went to W[illough]by Stn to meet the 7 train to London with Miss Storer and friend. Comm and Mrs S went with them to Stn. The WRNS were going back to Dover. He did not get to bed Sat or Sun night tho’ he got a few hours sleep Sun afternoon and after 2 this morning. He will be pleased to get his clothes off when he gets home at 2 am. Mr F[aulkner] is coming to sweep chimney at 9 a.m. I expect (Tues) then I want to clean kitchen.

Things seem to have quietened down again, perhaps the gun-fire drove them off. 10.20. The Sprogg slipped in when we went outside and is busy washing himself on the mat by the s[itting] room fire. I have got the kettle on for our hot water bottles and my cup of Horlicks, but shall stay up awhile yet.

Gave Virgin [postman] Ron’s letter to post this morning. He was wearing dark-rimmed glasses. Had a P.C. from Eva for my birthday, wishing me “A Many Happy Returns” as usual, Also a letter from Edie with usual enclosure.


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