Feb.9. Tue. 9.15. pm. [1943]

Blew a gale in the night from south, right in watch box door. Father very cold, says he feels the cold, with having had flu’ so recently. Stayed in bed until 12 o’ clock as it was so wet. Jean went to school early, as it was so rough, in case she had to walk, but wind had moderated a bit by then, it is quite still now but either the sea is bumping very hard or A.A. guns are going. I rather think guns. Will stay up until 10 I think as I don’t want to get up, and Ger seems to come on “nuisance” raids, somewhere, most nights. It is not nearly as cold as yesterday. If fine tomorrow will try to wash a few things before Rene comes. She is still feeling seedy after cold. She went to the W.I. [Women’s Institute] meeting today. Took Bill home first, to his immense disgust, as he had just settled down to afternoon nap. She wanted to look at her fire as it is so cold to go in and make fire just at teatime. Saw Elsie going home before 4.30 so Rene would not be rushed. Eff came to borrow potatoes tonight. Said she had not been to W.I. she never remembered it as the day is altered from the Hogsthorpe day, now Chapel has its own.

Have written for Pet[rol] coups and also for permit for pig to be killed. Wrote to Em L [sister – Emily] last night. Had an egg for tea as I did not want cold mutton for dinner. Very good it was too. Made a chop hot for Jean and potatoes in pan and a pancake left from dinner. She ate a Lyon’s fruit? tart after. Mrs. Hall asked if we should like some. Jean had gone to get sweets, she had no coup. on Sat, and brought two. Father took one for lunch on watch. Don’t think they are very great. Can’t decide whether it is the sea or guns, tide is certainly nearly in. Have turned the heel of Father’s sock and done some rug. Went to sleep after Rene went. I am better from cold but seem very tired after dinner. Have had two bad nights, (sleepless not asthma).


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