Wed. 3. Feb. 9. p.m. [1943]

Father exchanged car to-day 8 H.P. to 9. Special Standard Big 9, rated as 10 H.P. for licence. Hope it will soon pay for itself. I have also bought 1 cwt. barley today to be ground up for pig. Hope it fattens up well. Shall kill it as soon as B.M. is done if all is well weather etc. Shall be very pleased as we have had an expensive time lately. Also it is time little pigs were having more.

Stalingrad has been completely captured now and all Gers. left there, killed, captured or surrendered. We dropped 2000 tons bombs in 20 mins last night. On Cologne. Let’s hope this terrible war is soon over. It was a rime frost this morning then it turned damp and finally turned to cold showers. After one very heavy shower this afternoon it turned warmer. Fortunately Rene would just about get home before it was very bad. Hope she got her clothes in. Mine were practically dry yesterday and finished over-night. I folded them this morning and Rene mangled this afternoon, but have not ironed yet. My asthma has been rather troublesome today. Rene has a chesty cold.

We had the fowl Elsie brought, for dinner today. Broth particularly good. Must send Grandma some as she is so fond of it. Lots of planes about again tonight. Went to bed 10 pm last night and slept until Father came off watch at 2 a.m. in spite of a lot of planes returning from the Cologne raid (I expect). Father still full of aches and pains, not to be wondered at with all this rain. Chicken-pox about. Rene thinks little Valerie Hutton has it as she has a bad cough and spots, but is running about in the wet and cold.

B.M. – abbreviation – here most probably represents ‘barley-meal’.

Valerie Hutton has not been identified. She was NOT a daughter of Mrs Hutton of an evacuee family, later mentioned.


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