Dec 30. Wed 9 pm [1942]

Christmas has come and gone, likewise Emmie. Grandma gave us a lovely chicken and Rene brought theirs. We had ours on X[mas] Day with sausage meat balls and parsley stuffing, bread sauce and bacon and a Xmas Pudding very brown if not so full of fruit as usual. I put prunes in, first soaked in warm water and cut up. Very good. The cake is beautiful too and we had a trifle for supper made with sponge fingers and a jelly, Rene’s and probably the last as no more are to be made during the war, egg custard poured over it. We had a bottle of Lime Juice Cordial too and drank Ron’s health.

On X. Eve we had a letter from Ron written on ship-board. He was only sea-sick once on the first day at sea and spent a lot of time on deck. X.Day we had two more written 27 and 29 Nov. We were quite cheered as they told us he had arrived in N. Africa and was fit and well and in good spirits. He really sounded so too. It is an immense relief to know he is off the dangerous seas. Emmie was a bit upset which was only natural. She left home before the post came on X. Eve but on X. Day a telegram from her mother came saying there was a letter for her. It was very nice to have her here and she said she had enjoyed her visit.


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