Sunday Oct. 11 9 p.m. [1942]

Well, I’ve taken the tonic or most of it and it has given me a good appetite and I feel almost back to full strength again. Must get those capsules when we go to Sk[egness] on Tuesday afternoon. We went last Mon. and Rene chose a deep wine red dress, heavy crepe, satin-lined, and navy hat. She is having navy shoes. I saw a pair of soft cream kid gauntlets on Keightley’s counter and asked the price. Only 8/6 so Rene had them. They look very bridal. Jean’s dress is blue with white net frills. I want to make her a little cap too if I can. I have strained my hand again and it is stiff. I can’t write very easily. I wrote to Ron and Emmie this morning. She is at Wansford. I have written to [sister] Emily tonight. They have moved to Roxholme near Sleaford. May [one of Emily’s daughter] is with them. Her husband is at Lincoln. “Tom” [‘Mr A’] came after tea. He had preached at Ingoldmells this afternoon and been to Mrs Mid[dleton] to tea. He stayed until 8 o’ clock had a cup of tea when we had supper (Father went on watch at 8 ) then went home, so Rene did not have to go back. It has been cold but fine all day and rather windy. Yesterday it blew a gale.

Jean and I went to Trusthorpe Fri. and found summer had gone and it was autumn. The wind was icy, we could easily have done with our winter coats. Aunt Jet gets worse in mind tho’ well in health. Amy seems worn out as if she is just carrying on in a maze. I am wondering if she will keep on without a break-down in health or nerves. Fred is busy money-making. Ken has left school and been working on the farm all summer. He looks all boots and long arms as he has grown taller and come through his coat sleeves about 6 inches. Wonder how long he will be as keen on work. Amy let me have 1lb tea and gave me 1 doz eggs. The flavour is so different when the hens have good corn to feed on. Father has finished digging potatoes but there are a few to pick up yet. He won’t sell many as they are only about £4.10. a ton or 5/0 a bag so we may as well give them to the pigs.


Wansford was the site of the RAF camp near Peterborough.

The Mrs Middleton mentioned was probably one who lived in Addlethorpe, adjoining Ingoldmells. Another Middleton couple lived in South Road, Chapel St Leonards. (See East Lincolnshire and Village Maps.)

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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