July Sun. 19th 8 p.m. [1942]

Have written to Ron and Amy before I got up this morning, humouring my asthma as I want to be well at the end of the week. Rose about 11 o’ clock. We only cooked potatoes as we were having cold ham for dinner, some from Stow’s (cooked) and some Swifts chopped ham from a tin, very nice but not like a Sunday dinner. However I have salted our very small joint of beef and shall cook it to take on Fri. as I can’t depend on getting anything more in time. Must take bacon too and eggs if possible. Shall get a lot of things together tomorrow and see how to pack them. I have written too to Emily since I got up and we have had supper and Father is “away” (as the Scottie cook says) to the WBx. Amy sent me 1lb tea yesterday she had promised to let me have, by Edie Crow. She also sent £1 for Ron and Auntie J[et] sent 10/0. Rene got a lovely little coffee set (by Wedgwood) yesterday. We are giving it to Ron and Emmie. Shall give them another present later. Hope we can take coffee set (deep orange and cream with flower sprays, a bargain at 12/6 in these times). I think coffee pot is worth 7/6. If we can’t take all we shall take a piece to show them. I really think I am beginning to look forward to our visit a little tho’ I don’t like meeting strangers much. I think we shall like the Russells tho’.

Wedgewood Coffee Set - Wedding Present

Wedgwood Coffee Set - Wedding Present

Ted Brown called this afternoon with Bessie and Eric. Bessie was not in uniform. She looks older somehow this time and not so lively but she had been meeting a strong wind so was tired perhaps. Is still at Coventry. Mrs B not too well.

Rene came home on Jean’s cycle. She took it last night, it was too rough to cycle here but wind was behind her going back. We hoped to have peas for dinner to-day but they fill so slowly. Rene says the black-currants are ripening fast. We shall have a busy week but hope not too heavy. We have tried to plan not to have too much left to do. Have not had fire in room to-day nor been in. It was too chilly without and I did not want more work than necessary this week. It has turned dull again tonight hope it does not mean more rain, bottle half up.

Mrs Fletcher came in for a few minutes on Thursday. She had come for the day, and had dinner in Skeg[ness]. She had been to churchyard and was going back on 2.15 bus. She is so plump and grey, almost white with little curls all round. She looks quite 60 tho’ she is only 52 or 53. Says she is ready to come back to Chapel but don’t think she will want to while her mother lives. It poured with rain but she had umbrella and mac and did not seem to mind. Oh dear! I dread the thought of “flitting” again, but one is never sure in someone else’s house. Still it is too soon to worry about that at present. Should think we are alright until the war is over.

Went to Sk. on Fri, hope we shall not have to go again before going away. Got Father wht. shirt, socks and tie, Jean a vest. Also I got a tin of Grate PolishD paste only one tin each. Rene had lent me her tin of liquid polish this week as I had none for so long. Father has soled and heeled Ron’s shoes ready for the wedding and blacked my walking shoes so I can wear them with my costume and save my best black ones a bit.

Father told Cookie we would give him a few new potatoes for himself today so he said would we cook them and he’d fetch them! There is a Jew amongst the R.A.s. He is a hairdresser. He has brought scissors and comb and cuts the fellows hair 6 D a time and now makes up hair cream 1/0 a bottle. He offered Cookie h. cream at 9D a bottle but Cookie is a Scot. He had some of his own and said “Anyway if I had it at 9D he’d always be round the cookhouse for something.” When Jew meets Scot, nothing doing! He has just been round to fill his lighter with Father’s petrol and to beg old papers for the fire, also to bring stale bread for pigs. Jean has gone to bed, I shall wait a bit as my breathing is pretty bad tonight.

The wedding present coffee set was made by Wedgwood & Co and not by Josiah Wedgewood. The Company was founded by a distant relative of Josiah but not as noteworthy.

Mrs Fletcher was the owner of May and Will’s rented home ‘Lenton Lodge’ (see 16 Dec. 1940).

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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