Thurs. May 21 10 p.m. [1942]

Ron and Emmie were here from Friday May 8 until Wed 13. They have decided to be married on his next leave, probably August. He is not 22 until Nov. so I wish they had waited a little longer but Mr and Mrs R[ussell] are agreeable and they are of age. It is to be a “white” wedding and Joan [Smithurst] (Emmie’s friend) Rene and Jean are to be in long dresses, green. It is going to be an expensive time. I saved a few pounds last year, have found it increasingly difficult this year and look like spending what I have saved. The fares to Yeadon will be a big item and they want us to stop a few days. I am pleased I have my costume, must contrive a hat somehow. They are from 15/11 up at Skegness so don’t know what will be done yet. Rene’s hat is as good as new and they are wearing Juliet caps for the wedding. We have got our new clothing coupons ready to use in June. 60 to last until Aug 1943. Only Jean has 10 extra in Oct. We have also got a sheet of coupons for personal use, sweets for one thing. Don’t know if we shall ever get fruit for Emmie’s cake. We are making it here if we can get fruit amongst us. Can get almond substitute and make almond icing but no icing sugar at Stow’s. Wish I knew who can make fondant icing. At Stow’s today I had to give 2 pts [points] for 2 b[oxes] of Qk [Quaker] Corn Flakes, 4 pts for 1 lb. rice and 4 for ½ lb of prunes. Rene says we shall have to stuff the cake with prunes. Ron is enjoying the Mac[hine] Gun Course for a change. Won’t get home this week but hope he will next.

Ron and Emmie on the Sandhills

Ron and Emmie on the Sandhills

I went to the G.S. [Grammar School] Speech Day on Tuesday. It was a very nice afternoon. Commodore Buckley from the R.A[rthur] was there and gave the children a speech. He is a fine speaker and convinces one that he is a good man and a gentleman. A bouquet of pink tulips and asparagus fern was presented to Mrs. B. Commander Storer was there too. The children sang Jerusalem, Kips Recess. to tune “Lest we forget” and “Land of our birth” also “God save the King”.

Joan Smithurst and Jean were to be Emmie’s bridesmaids.

Commodore Buckley was officer in command of the ‘Royal Arthur’.

Commander Storer was a senior ‘Royal Arthur’ officer who lived in ‘The Thatched Cottage’ (actually relatively new) near Tylers Bridge (see Village Map).

‘Kips Recess’ was ‘Rudyard Kipling’s Recessional’, a poem used as a hymn.

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