Friday Mar 6 8.30 P.M. [1942]

Oh dear! Snow again and we hoped it had all gone. Those dykes full on the way to Skeg. must have attracted it. Wed. after dinner it started a nasty sleety rain which turned to snow later on. Thursday morning we had 2 or three inches of snow and it kept snowing on and off all day. It is the sticky sort from the East and all the east sides of houses posts and trees are covered with snow, very picturesque I own but so bitterly cold again. It has not come much more to-day, only a shower or two of “sago” but think it has frozen all day. Had a letter from Ron on Wed. he had 4 mins’ to catch last bus’ at G[rimsb]y so arrived in Camp on time. Enjoyed his stay and feels better for it, also likes being back in “A” flight again at his old job. It suits him better than the oxygen filling room. Emmie very pleased with “Wimp”.  Eva H[arness] is at home, has had gastric flu’. She came down for tea Tue. with the baby Mrs D[andison] is looking after. Thought she looked thin and ill and would have been better indoors. Dr says she is too shaky to go back to her work yet. She says she likes it very well. Has not been very fortunate with “digs” yet but is capable of looking out for herself I think. Jean has been at home all the week and is not very great yet. Seems to have had cold all over. She has been diverting herself over my diaries. Father and Rene seem to be getting better now. Re says her appetite is better. She came at tea-time to-day as Mr A. was working at home, so was in for dinner. I had baked this morning so she took some pastry and a balm cake back with her.

Eff let me have 6 eggs to-day 1/3. Have not had any from her for a long time, they look so fresh and nice. Must give Jean one for breakfast. No beef to-day only Cant[erbury] lamb? Am rather tired of it but ought to be thankful we can get enough meat of some sort, got ½ lb. tinned beef too and two slices bacon, the first I have bought since we had our own. Was rather amused to see that in some restaurant, in London I believe, the clients rather like the two meatless days that have been instituted. The manager says they give them soup and the choice of two kinds of fish or curried chicken then cheese! If their meatless days get no worse they won’t starve. If I could get fish and could afford chicken I would gladly have meatless days. Not yet have we come within hailing distance of hunger. Mrs Coote still in bed, think the little “maid” is leaving on Sat. so don’t know how she will manage as Dr said she must do nothing for a week after she is up. Ivy Jinks (Tasker now) has been several days this week, but she really wants someone there all the time another week.

Our little librarian not been this week, expect weather is too bad. Rene calls him my little “bookie” which sounds very bad. I have only just started my book and have Father’s to read too so am alright, but think Fa has read them all. Jack H[arness] has been in for cup of tea once or twice lately while working at the sea and today brought ¼ tea from H[arriet]. Told him we had not got to where we could not spare cup of tea yet, whatever we might get to. He said “Oh well, you know what ma is.” He gave Father a little heap of firewood which heated my oven very nicely. E.L. bulbs dried out and light alright.

‘Wimp’ was short for ‘Wimpey’, the popular name for a Wellington bomber, and was referring to the model which Ron had made for Emmie (see 14 Feb. 1942).

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