Sun Feb 8/42 6.30 P.M.

It has been fine and frosty to-day but thawed very little. Ray, Keith and Marian came this afternoon, also Colin on his cycle. He kept reminding the others that they were going to Chapel at night, so must not be late for tea. K and M came on an earlier train Friday night and came by bus’ so Father and Gordon had journey for nothing, they waited until after 11. o’clock then came back and G. found them at home by the fire. Very annoying for Father, as he had such a cold. They came down to apologize, but of course they could not help it as they, K and M, did not know Father was meeting them. Rene was at home too, Ray looks very well, and Keith too but thinner, we told him it was the cares of married life. Father went on bx an hour or two while Hallg[arth] and Paul retrieved some wreckage. Father did not want any more pulling on the beach after yesterday.

Jean bought a pair of shoes from Doreen Johnson Sat. She had scarcely worn them. They will be nice for summer and save her others. 10/0 and no coupons. Brock brought first lot of milk to-day. We are getting N. Paper from man who brings Jessie’s. Jean will bring it at night and fetch it Sat. Miss wireless tonight, shall be glad to get it home again but transformer, which has gone to be rewound, not back yet. Jean went to Chapel this morning and to S[unday] S[chool] this afternoon. Flora came to call for her. She brought her an apple and advised her to take it with her in case we ate it. Said her daddy slipped on the ice and sat down. She was sitting in the big chair when I came downstairs but got up at once and said “You have your chair.” Colleen came later to call for Jean but they had gone. All returned together and C and F came to gate with Jean. So we had quite a lot of callers. Sewed red stripes on a young soldier’s tunic yesterday, he came to beg a needleful of red cotton and owned he was no sewer so I told him to bring his tunic. He was very grateful as he wanted to go into Sk[egness] and it was his best. He is a little like Ron but fair.

It is so cold tonight the air was like a blue mist, am afraid it may turn to more snow. Sincerely hope not. Lot of heavy firing this afternoon very near together, also lot of planes all day. Eff came down this afternoon, took some porridge oats and a bot of D [Daddie’s ?] Sauce. Had two letters from Ron yesterday, but he had sent one before them which we have not got so far. Evidently he was 8 hours late off his week-end leave, but has not got into trouble for it. Expect it was weather, but don’t know as he evidently told us in Monday’s letter which has not come, he only mentioned casually that he had not got into trouble about it. They are pretty well snowed up and unless there is an improvement he won’t get home on Thur. Were rationed with bread, but as their mail is getting in and out expect provisions will too. He had got my letter and Jean’s written on Tuesday.

Doreen Johnson was a daughter of Fred Johnson, at ‘Fairfield Farm’ on Sea Road (see Village Map). Her younger sister, Betty, was in the Girls’ Life Brigade with Jean and they had a brother, Norman.

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