Fri Jan 16 9.30 pm. [1942]

Went to bed fairly early last night, I have had gatherings in my nose, still have in fact, and they made me feel seedy. Ron was home Wed. has another cold, and a great hole in his sock heel. Oh dear, poor boys they get tired of sewing and the rubber boots are hard on socks and socks aren’t so good now. He took the mitts I had knitted him, they can’t work in gloves and need something this cold weather. Said he and Vic went to Chapel Sunday night and out to supper. Father took him to Wil[lough]by for 5 train as roads were icy, instead of 7.20. He would be better too for getting back early with his cold, tho’ we hated to take him back so soon. I did not go to Stn. as Jean was not home. She was very disappointed at not seeing him, and wrote to him after tea. Hallg went to Sk. to see Beard to-night so we shall see what comes of it now. B. wants it settled as he has only 2 years before pension and as it was a “twist” naturally does not want it to come out. Very cold today with icy wind but thawing slowly. Father started to take hut down but has to get Frank to help him tomorrow as it has been nailed, Ron thought we would find a few nails. Have started a pair of gloves for Ron. Am making a rug too. Paul Robeson is on wireless (record) singing a song from “Sanders of the River”.

Duke of Connaught died to-day. 91. 3rd son of Queen Victoria. Godson of Duke of Wellington. Rene came today tho’ not too well and the weather icy. I baked bread and she made pastry, the last of mincemeat, and some Peach Jam Tarts. Had a 1 lb tin of P. Jam for my ration 1S/1D. It is Chivers make and excellent. Ck [cook] next door gave us sauce and tin of herrings in Tom[ato]. Also oats. Rene took him a B[lack]Berry Jam Tart plate size. Have bought a tin of Dried Skim milk! 9D. It is to be mixed with hot water and make 4 pts I think. No need to use all at once, so handy to have by us. Japs 130 miles from Singapore, I wonder if they will be stopped. Gers seem to be strengthening Luftwaffe in Libya. Surely we shall not mess that up. We hung bacon on Mon. looks nice and lean. Posted Bailey’s money £3/6/5D also Labour Card and new Health Card yesterday. Gave Harrison his old one to-day. Keep thinking I hear bumps.

“Gathering in the nose” referred to an infection or small abscess.

“Twist” meant ‘something unofficial’.

‘Sanders of the River’ was a British film, released in 1935, in which Paul Robeson, a renowned Afro-American singer, had a leading role. Subsequently he reportedly disowned the film which glorified British colonial rule.

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, had served as a colonial administrator. He had been admired by Robert Baden-Powell for his sympathetic people-skills and had given active support to the Scout Movement.

Mr George Harrison, father of Ena and Aileen (see 16 Dec. 1940), was probably the official at the Labour Exchange in Skegness, referred to here.

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