Saturday September 6 9.30 pm. [1941]

Another week gone and we have commenced the third year of war. Two years ago on that Sunday morning Sep 3rd we heard the news. In the evening we saw 12 bombers go over the sea. I believe they all returned. Jean has had her bath and then come down and had her cocoa. We shall soon go to bed. She doesn’t want to go until I do. I have got a new 60 watt Mazda bulb in the kitchen, the 40 watt tries my eyes. This one is very nice with a “pearl bulb” that does not dazzle.

Father is on C.G watch until 2 am. He is out with preachers again tomorrow, also next Sun. Mr. A not going as he had operation taking off his cyst on his head only Friday so not feeling up to preaching. He did not have to stay in hospital the night but has not been to work to-day. Rene came this afternoon for a few minutes.

Ron was home on Wed, is looking very well again. He might not have come at all. Whilst loading bombs in the plane Ron was working in, one was somehow dropped under the plane and was in danger of exploding. The loaders ran and forgot to warn the men inside. Fortunately it did not explode and they did not know of the danger until it was past. If it had they must have been killed. So thin is the dividing line between life and death these days.

Mr Taylor killed the two black rabbits yesterday, one for Eff and one for Daisy. I charged 3/6 couple, they are not very big but one doesn’t get much meat for 1/9 these days. Wrote to Ron last night and posted it today. Also to Mrs Adams, not posted it yet. I have finished Ron’s socks. He took them Wed and since then have knitted Gladys [‘Lewis’]’ baby a bonnet. It is like a miniature helmet, very pretty in pale blue “Bairnswear” silk and wool.

The wind drums in the E.L. wires tonight, very irritating. 10 o’c. Must really go to bed. Shall probably read a little while. Jean is back at school very proud of being a senior. She is in 3A now, was 10th in exams, not at all bad. Have just finished reading “Doctors House” J.E Buckrose, a very readable book about a young country Dr.

Gladys Small was the married daughter of May’s sister Emily Lewis (see 18 May 1941).
JE Buckrose was the pseudonym of writer Mrs Annie Edith (Foster) Jameson, born 1868. ‘Doctor’s House’ was published in 1932 by Hodder & Stoughton, London.

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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