Mon. March. 8. 8.30 p.m [1943]

Bronchitis better again and asthma not too bad either. Weather brighter and not so bitter but still cold wind. Washed today, all clothes dry. Washed my folk-weave bedspread.

Very funny, on the wireless just now in Mon. Night at 8 Quiz. Name as many famous or celebrated men alive now who have moustaches in so many secs. After a pause Jean said “Charlie Chaplin” and the Quizzed said “C.C.” after her. I said Hitler, Q said ditto. Then I said “Anthony Eden” and Q repeated it. Neither Jean, I or Q could think of another. I think I am tired, I can’t seem to collect my thoughts tonight. Father took Stan Kirks? aunt or sister to Alford St. to catch 8.50 am train. He came off watch ½ hour early had tea and porridge then breakfast when he got back about 9.15. He got 2 gals pet[rol] also 2 oz of flowers of sulphur (brimstone). I want Jean to take Brimstone and treacle to see if it will help to clear the psoriasis out of her blood.

Father’s stiff neck and headache still persists, he hasn’t got Phensic Tablets today. I did not go to Chapel last night because of the cold wind. Jean went to Rene’s for tea, then came home as she had been to Chapel in the morning and S.S. [Sunday school] afternoon. Mavis and Joan came after tea. They stayed until about 9, had supper. Roy is in Somerset, near Weston-Super-Mare. Wrote to Edie [S] she has changed address again. Is very pleased to get into a little home of her own again after 3 years in one room with joint use of kit, and bathroom with owners. She is still in Harrowgate tho’. Eff started to dress Rene’s duck on Fri but we decided it was not very good so buried it. Tom is going to set cod-lines now. He has got permission to go on beach.

Gers have been dropping anti-personnel bombs (delayed action) looking like cig tins weighing about 4 lbs. May be open or closed, very dangerous. Must not be touched. Warnings on radio etc.

May's Sketch of Anti-Personnel Bombs

May’s Sketch of Anti-Personnel Bombs

Barley, oats and rye are now included in our bread. We are more than holding our own in Tunisia. Russians still driving Gers out of towns and villages. Wrote to Ron last night posted it today. Father went to Stow’s for tea, they sent 1½ lbs said I had ½ lb from last month but I don’t think I had. 5/0! Rene showed me how to measure my head and cut out paper pattern of hat brim today. Her first lesson in hat-making. It is 9.15 so we shall soon go to bed, that is if all is quiet, at the moment a plane is drumming around. There was a raid over S.E. last night, about 25 planes 3 were shot down (bombers).

Edie Simpson was May’s step-mother (see 16 Dec. 1940).

Stan Kirk? (May’s question mark) was almost certainly Stan Ward, brother of Miriam who lived with Sampson Kirk (see 10 Jan. 1943).

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