Tue. Dec. 15. 8.30. a.m. [1942]

Only 8.30. Father and Jean have departed and the breakfast things are actually off the table. It is not often we are so early. I am heating soft water for washing up. It is so much easier on the hands and soap too. It is not light enough to take down the blk-out tho’ it is time for it. It must be very dull this morning. We got washed yesterday, and a few things dry. The rest can be finished off indoors unless it dries well outside. The green table-cloth is washed and partly dry. I have spread it over the table to finish. Have been up and taken down the blk-out upstairs but it is still rather too dark to take it down in the kitchen as I should have to have a light. Father killed two young rabbits, does, yesterday, for Mrs Denman. They were the last except for the one we are keeping. They were not cold when some boys came to buy one. We have had them all this time and not had a chance so as they were cross bred, tho’ as big as the true-bred, we thought we would keep the true-bred bucks. Sara only had 2 does, hoping to sell some of them as well. We may yet. Anyhow they are useful for food for us. I put them in a small attaché case that had once held a T[able] Tennis set and Rene posted them yesterday. Must write and tell Mrs D, hadn’t time yesterday. I wrote to Edie last night so we have got it off to-day. Sent her a card, I am sending very few this year. Calendars are a big price 1/6 up. Boiled Xmas puds 4 hours yesterday. We are going to make Xmas Cake this week, Rene and I altogether.

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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