Fri Oct. 2. 9.25 a.m. [1942]

Dull grey morning again, but as it cleared yesterday, it may do so again today. I have just made a batch of bread the first for some weeks. The yeast smells vile. I made it with white flour but don’t think it is very good. It all powders down on the top when exposed to the air as if it had been sieved. It makes me wonder if it is full of mites or something. Also it is so “rotten” when mixed it won’t bear lifting and my father always said it was poor flour if the dough would not hang together. He was a baker at one time and they had to lift a great binful of dough, out of a bin, close the lid and put the dough on it to make into loaves. It was a tiresome job if it would not hang together then. Dr Menzies just given me a call. Good thing I was up, and not up to the neck in bread making. I have set it to rise. He says my chest can take care of itself now, but I must have a tonic, then I am to take halibut liver oil capsules.

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