July 18 Friday 8.45 am [1941]

I got my bucket of water hot and was going upstairs to collect clothes when I found a letter from Ron in the hall. He was coming for the day so Father had to get up and swallow a cup of tea and go and meet him. He had started and just got a lift in the car which has picked him up before, on the way home from taking milk to W[illough]by. I gave up the idea of washing and cleared up the kitchen and got lunch ready.

Keith is on 7 days leave and he and Marion Marryon came for tea. She is a pretty girl and would I think look even better without lipstick and pink nails. Her hair is lovely. Colin has chicken-pox. Ron thinks he will go to Leeds again next week instead of home. He expects to get 8 days leave in August, 4 here and 4 at Yeadon. It is leave he missed while on his course. I think he will get another 8 days in September divided again no doubt.

Rene did not stay for tea, she was chafing about Bill (dog) who failed to arrive with her yesterday. Jean and I went to the station with Ron to catch the 8.24. Father got Hallgarth to do an hour and half [Coastguard duty] to set him at liberty. Ivy and Betty came to see Rene for a recipe in the afternoon so we had plenty of company. Ivy says Annie A, married now, has registered as her father’s housekeeper.

‘Marryon’ referred to the pronunciation of the first name of Keith’s girlfriend (see 28 Apr. 1941).

Colin Hill, nephew, still at school, was the youngest brother of Keith (and of Raymond and Gordon).

Betty Harness was a sister of Ivy and other children of Harriet and Jack Harness (see 26 Dec. 1940).

Annie A, here, was daughter of Ivy’s future husband by his previous marriage.


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