April 21 Mon 9 pm [1941]

Moles have tunnelled under my flower seeds and also under some of Father’s peas, they are a nuisance. I have weeded the carrots I put in last Autumn and the weather being showery they have grown. I have a blue anemone in flower.

Ron has been for the day. We only had his letter at 9 o’ c and as Father had been on watch until 2.00 am he wasn’t up. However he was soon up and after a plate of porridge and cup of tea he went to Willoughby to meet him. He went Sloothby way and Ron got a short lift Cumberworth way but as Father returned Cumberworth way he soon overtook him. I had got water ready for washing but gave up except that I washed Ron’s things for him. They got dry so I ironed them and as he says he could finish airing them on the hot pipes he took them back. I hope he does air them, boys don’t seem to think it matters. He brought Rene a lovely little R.A.F. brooch. She was very pleased with it. She is not very brisk yet. I want her to see Dr M.

We took Ron back to catch the 7.20 at Willoughby. It was 20 mins late, the porter said, so we could not wait to see him off as Father was at Watch at 8 o’ c. It is nice to have him come but a wrench going back. He may go to Yeadon next time. Jean made him some coconut cakes to take back with him and she and Rene bought him some sweets.

I have Spring cleaned the pantry and Ron’s bedroom. I am expecting a soldier’s wife next Monday for a week or two so want to get as much done as possible. Eff says she will come and paper Jean’s bedroom on Wed. if it is ready. Jessie’s bronchitis bad again Mavis says. Have got new black-out curtains for the bay and got B[illy] Balding to fix them. They are not a success yet. Ron says they wanted a pelmet fixing. I knew it wanted wood but thought B. would put it up properly. Shall have to fix a valance over it somehow. I have enough material left. I am very disappointed as it has cost a lot.

Find I am very nervous in the car still. Father is taking Mrs M[ason] and Miss R[iggall] to Ulceby and Alford to-morrow morning.

Billy Balding was a carpenter/joiner who lived at ‘Elder House’ in Anderby Road, about half a mile further north of the village than ‘Lenton Lodge’ (see Village Map). He had been employed locally by Joe Jackson (see 27 Nov. 1940) but at this time undertook work out of the area, at various locations, for the War Ministry. He was a member of the village group of the Royal Observer Corps.

Mrs Mason (see 8 Jan. 1941) and Miss Riggall, who had together lived in half of ‘Ashleigh Villa’, near Tylers Bridge were regular ‘taxi’ customers.

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