Wed Nov 27 10.30 PM. 1940

A new fair page. What grim dark days

shall pass ‘ere every vacant page

is covered with the record of our simple ways?

Alas! We know not, that it ‘ere shall be complete.


Yesterday was Ron’s birthday, he was 20, born 2 years after the war that was to end war. Now he is training to join in this still greater war. I am tired to-night so think I will write another time, I am already in bed.

May’s son Ron had begun an apprenticeship with Joe Jackson, a local carpenter/joiner in the village but had left early to join the RAF in mid November 1940. His initial training was at Padgate, Lancashire.

May’s Diary entry on this day was unusually short. Please return tomorrow or soon – or sign up for RSS delivery or e-mail notifications.

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  1. Brian Hill - Yorkshire:

    Well done Tom, congratulations on the launch. I’m looking forward to seeing the Diary unfold.

  2. TomA:

    Many thanks – and good luck with your new book. Have you signed up for e-mail notifications of new blog posts?

  3. Brian Hill - Yorkshire:

    Thanks Tom, just signed up now.

  4. Lindsay Bamfield, London:

    Congratulations on the launch. I look forward to reading the posts. I am currently dipping in and out of a collection of post war diaries ’45-’48 -from the Mass Observation collection (and have taken part in recent Mass Observation Online).

  5. TomA:

    Welcome to the blog Lindsay. You are probably familiar with the Mass Observation writing of Nella Last, ‘Housewife 49′, including the second instalment ‘Nella Last’s Peace’ (also perhaps ‘Nella Last in the 1950s’). When you have read more of May’s Diary any comments you might have on similarities and contrasts between May and Nella would be very interesting.

  6. Harry Lamin, Cornwall:

    Well done! Great to get started.

    I am delighted to have helped, in a very small way, to get this going. I hope it gives as much pleasure as Harry’s blog has done.

  7. TomA:

    Thanks again Harry. Your blog has been a great inspiration. We’ve already welcomed several of your followers and we hope to see many more following May Hill.

  8. Rocco, Italy:

    Harry Lamin’s going to the end
    Dieter Finzen’s still in God’s hand
    May Hill’s diary: let’s join the new band!
    (even if my English can hardly understand….)

    Congratulation from Rocco

  9. TomA:

    Welcome to May Hill’s band Rocco.

  10. Paddy Coote, Nottingham:

    Tom, congratulations on this. I look forward to following the diaries of May, my one time next door neighbour. She tells it as it was, I am sure, and I will find it difficult not to pass comments. All the best, Paddy.

  11. TomA:

    Thanks Paddy. I’m certain you will be making some interesting comments.

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