Fri Jan 30 1942 8.30 P.M

Tomorrow is the last day of January – I don’t think we have had one really fine mild day this month tho’ it was a fine frosty Sunday on the 11th. Tonight it pours with rain, I hope it washes all the snow away. Poor old Ron it is a bad night for him going up to Grimsby to sleep on his way to Leeds. The train goes at 6. a.m. I think, so he was starting his 48 hours to-night and hopes to arrive back in Camp Sun. night. Wonder how many more week-ends he will get before Emmie is called up. The roads were icy this morning under a thin layer of snow, but Jean managed to cycle to Jessies without mishap. She started early in case she had to walk. She has a snuffy head cold now, expect it is coming out after her wetting last Fri. Pleased it is Sat. tomorrow. Rene came on cycle but said roads very treacherous. She baked for me and made up the bread I had set to rise and baked it for me. She made gooseberry tarts of one bottle G.berrys and we had our last bot. of Plums stewed for dinner with custard. G.Bs have kept perfectly but think season was too wet for plums as they had not kept quite so well. I boiled a piece of the new bacon of our own curing last night. Have not had any yet but Father and Rene say it is very good. Rene made two bacon pasties for Father to take on watch. This morning at 2 a.m. Snippett went with him and stayed until he came home at 8, tho’ he turned her out sometime before, she waited on the steps for him. He said she slept on his knee or in the chair when he got out of it, all night, or rather morning. She ate a good breakfast of porridge and then went out until tea-time. She still stalks the sea-gulls. We are having a young rabbit this week-end it is one of Mrs Grey’s crossed with Flemish giant and is as big as a hare and so fat. Expect the oats have done a lot of that.

I wonder when I shall get my daffodil bulbs put in and if they will flower this spring? As soon as I can get some soil I think I will put them in a box in the shed to sprout. I have one in a flowerpot in the house but it is only about 1 inch high. Rene washed a few necessary clothes yesterday and I dried them in the house. Shall have to have a grand wash up next week if we get a decent day and I feel up to it. My side is very painful to-day. Had two oranges from Hall’s yesterday 5½D they were beautifully sweet. They are a great treat now and a luxury if we can get them. No apples since Xmas, we do miss them. Miss Scott came this evening to ask Father if he could take Mr S. to Louth Hos. Sun. or Mon. He has to go for treatment. A little more work for the car, if it comes off and we can do with it, but am sorry for Mr Scott. Father took wireless to Evison’s yesterday to see if it could be made a little more musical and reliable. He had intended getting another but sec. hand ones seem unobtainable, there is such a big demand for them. Hope he soon gets it done but he had two or three more sets in for repairs, he is giving us an estimate tomorrow as we are not spending a great lot on one as old as it is.

Miss Bertha Scott and Mr Scott, her father, lived in Fairfield Avenue (see Village Map).

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