Thur Jan 15/42 9.30 P.M

Father had “comforts” from C[oast] G[uards] to-day. Grey sea-boot stockings, blue scarf, mittens, helmet. There was a jersey but as it was far too big and there was not one each, he left it for one of the others. Have answered Mrs Leivers letter to-night. Fa went to Sk this morning and saw Mr Beard, re sal. ramp. Got another pair pants 3/6 3 coup. Ordered 2 more photos of Ron 1/6 with post this time. Perhaps they made a mistake.

Mr Beard was a Coastguard official based in Skegness.

‘Sal. ramp’ was almost certainly a reference to the disputed settlement for salvaged rubber. The word which appeared as ‘ramp’ probably meant ‘commotion or ‘fuss’ and may have been intended to represent ‘rumpus’, ‘rampage’ or ‘rawp’. The latter was a local word (verb) for ‘shout’ or ‘make a noise’. (See ‘A Glossary or Collection of Words, Phrases, Place Names, Superstitions Current in East Lincolnshire’, Jabez Good, Long Sutton, c1900.)

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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