Tuesday October 21 8 pm [1941]

Trafalgar Day and Father’s birthday or is it? It always was supposed to be then someone argued that it was the 20th or 22nd. I don’t remember which. However Miss Boyers says the 21st and as she was 20 mins before him and keeps her B.day on that date we will presume it is. Rene and Jean have given him a shaving brush 4/0 which he badly needed. He has a cold and has got a bottle of medicine from Dr. M. Dr. called to see me this morning about 9.30. I was up just after 7a.m so had got a fire in room and tidied up. Says I am considerably improved, fluid nearly all cleared up. I can work a little and get out a bit now, but must take reasonable care.

Rene went to have model of teeth taken and brought back medicine for us both, mine from Dr’s and Father’s from Boots as he pays health insurance while on C.G. work. Rene brought home nice ginger cakes and a nice bit of fish for me. G.ma sent Father and I an egg each. Harriet came down this afternoon and brought me a bottle of milk, very acceptable and ½ lb tea. She gave me the tea, says no Xmas boxes this year. She is looking very well, weighs 12st 6lb. They have been to Nottingham, says Frank’s [Harnesses] are probably coming on holiday shortly. They seem very taken with “Walter” Eva’s soldier. I walked as far as the Point with her as the wind had gone down. Rene brought medicine (and brought cakes), thought she looked tired. Father is on duty 8p.m until 2 a.m. Has a touch of bronchitis Dr says, but expects it is old age coming on. He was in a jovial mood this morning and wouldn’t believe I had been up a long time.

Soldiers next door after all, but seem very decent, gave Jean some carrots for rabbits tonight. Rene did a big wash for me yesterday and is probably doing her own tomorrow. We shall miss Ron this week but he will be coming on Tues until Thurs. Goes to Leeds this Thursday. Has had a very bad cold but said it was beginning to mend Sat. Have finished his socks and started to stilt a pair for Frank Raynor, Eff does lots of things for me one time or another. Think we will go to bed if no more planes about. Am very tired.

Miss Boyes (corrected spelling), a spinster who lived on Sea Road, was probably meant here. She worked in the Post Office at Stow’s (see 6 Mar. 1941)

Frank Harness, nephew (Harriet and Jack’s eldest son) and his wife, Edna, lived in Nottingham, where, like younger brother, Tom, he managed a shop (see 26 Sep. 1941).

It was Eva Harness, Frank’s sister (previously mentioned 11 Apr. 1941) who had met soldier Walter Banks.

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