Tue. 8.30. p.m. March 2nd. [1943]

March came in yesterday like a lamb. Very little breeze and a poor visibility rather than a mist. Had a big wash and clothes all dried well. A very heavy dew at night almost like a shower with slight frost at sunrise. Had a long letter from Ron yesterday. It was over two weeks since the last. He had just received one of mine written on Dec 20 altho’ I had got the answer to one sent Dec 29 some time since. Still he got two more before he finished his letter on Jean’s birthday which he remembered. Natives had been doing his washing. He does not like washing and it is very hot midday there now. Cost him 60 francs. Exc[hange] has altered in our favour and 3,000 francs he had are worth £15 instead of £10. He has sent it to Emmie. Says the N.A.A.F.I. can supply 4pts [pints] beer every time it is open but writing paper tooth-paste etc are seldom obtainable. This is a bit too bad as they were asked to finance the N.s [NAAFIs] or they could not stock them and of course it is chiefly the small and non-drinkers who have the money to invest in them. He is very fit he says and very busy. We are not to worry if we don’t get many letters. We shall send him a few odds and ends this week, Emmie has already sent one.

This fine mild weather reminds us of the last two springs, but this is much earlier, when Ron used to come for his day off from Binbrook. I think it must have been bright and sunny lots of times when he came, because one day last week when it was fine and warm I put on the little checked yellow and white cloth for Father’s lunch and it seemed as if Ron must walk in. It very often rained on the way to Willoughby at night. Rene had thought the same too and mentioned it in her letter to him.

Jean and I went to Trusthorpe on Sat Feb 20. Aunt J[et] had been in bed with bronchitis and was very frail and rather subdued, she had not strength to talk long, but was really very good considering her age and that she was only getting up for part of the day. Ken had been in bed with flu’ and A[my] and F[red] had had it too. Amy looks thin and tired. I brought home 15 eggs. She would only take 2/6 tho’ she makes 3/1 doz for them. They were fine eggs. I sometimes think the eggs we very occasionally get from the shop must be pullet eggs they always seem so small and look so “tired”. Amy’s had a lovely fresh “bloom”. She gave me some purple primroses, “wannias” she called them, they seem to have settled down and will grow I think. Snowdrops, primroses, violets and a carnation are in bloom in my garden and a wee bit or two of aubrietia. A bud on the anemones at last. If fine and I am not too asthmatical I am going to Rene’s tomorrow. Father will come to dinner, I have not been since she was married so it’s about time. I have not got ironed today, no breath to do much. Rene washed at home and went to hat-making class W.I. this afternoon. She left “Bill” here and fetched him tonight. He was comfortably established in Fa’s armchair when she went in kitchen after tea. He knows quite well he isn’t allowed on chairs here. He has his own at home.

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