Mon. Dec. 7. 9. 15. p.m. [1942]

All the frost went out of the ground and the thick ice in the soft water butts thawed on Fri. My flowers in water in bucket seem alright, I let them thaw out. They are in the hall now. The growing ones in the shed were nearly all caught. I have pulled the buds that were nearest out and shall have to wait and see how the others go on. Mrs Brown sent me a lovely bunch of bronzy yellow chrysants to-day ready for Xmas. I do hope they last. I wrote to Frank Adams, Ron and Vic last night.

Father went to fetch Mrs G Dawson from Sk[egness] station today then took the “dead” wireless back to Evison’s and brought the £10 set. It really is worth the extra money tho’ I hate taking it from my savings. Do hope it is a success. Rene and I have washed today. Most of them are dry. It has been milder and breezy tho’ it did not dry much until afternoon. Father got Rene a new tyre and tube at Ev[isons] 8/3 I think. Tomorrow she has to go for another interview at the Labour Office. I want to go to Sk. too and do some shopping.

Rene on bicycle with Mr A's dog Bill

Rene on bicycle with Mr A’s dog Bill


Mrs Ena Dawson, living in London, was visiting her husband George’s parents, William and Florence Dawson, whose family farm, ‘The Willows’, was off Ancaster Avenue (see Village Map). George had been at school with Rene in the 1920s.

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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