Fri. Dec. 4. 8.30. a.m. [1942]

It is a big frost again this morning but the air seems damp not crisp as it was Wed and Thurs so I think there is a change coming. 3 rime frosts then rain, Mr Coote used to say. Wind is S.W. tho’ there is not much. Rene came yesterday and we did a small wash, had to hang clothes up in kit[chen] last night but most were dry this morning. Father went to Anderby for his aeroplane recog[nition] Test last night. He and Mad[dison] and Par[ish]. Out of 31 planes Father only made one mistake and the others none. Very good. As they passed that they will probably have to take another Test later. It is not easy for men over 50. He has taken this morning’s watch for Mad. as he is having his peas thrashed at Kirk’s. Father fetched bags for Kirk from Mby [Mumby] Rd St. on Wed. and Joe owes for a watch 7/6 so Father said he would have some tic beans for pig. Hope he gets them. He won’t get money I guess. Phoebe came in yesterday as she was going to get a bucket of water (soft) from Ashley’s. She is a strapping girl and looks so well. Being a W.R.N. suits her.

Phoebe Kirk, Wren at HMS Royal Arthur

Phoebe Kirk, Wren at HMS Royal Arthur

Rene has to go for another interview on Monday. I wonder what will come of it. Pontings sent Jean’s money back as they can’t get the gloves she ordered. We must try to get her some in Sk[egness] on Tue. if we go. The cheque for pig has not come yet, wish it would. We have not got wireless back yet either. My chrysants in pots in shed were ice plants yesterday. I have pulled all the buds I could. Am afraid the late ones will not survive. The cut flowers were frozen in bucket. I have brought them in. Don’t know if it will have killed them.


Jack Coote, the father of Frank, was probably meant here (see 1 Mar. 1942).

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