Mon Dec. 9. 9 pm [1940]

Edward Frederick Benson (1867-1940) was a prolific writer of serious and humorous fiction, biographies and other works. He became mayor of Rye, Sussex, a town on which one of his works of fiction was based, in 1934. (See website

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  1. Ann Freeman, Alford, Lincolnshire:

    For once in my life I am speechless!!! I took delivery of your book today, of course I had to have a quick peek through it before beginning to read and digest. Being born in 1942 a lot is before my time, but many “Aunties and Uncles” are appearing , most unofficial, but non the less important, but a lump as big as a mountain came in my throat when I saw a photograph of my beloved grandfather Bert Parish, one of the coast guards.
    Christmas will be very quiet this year (I am sure my husband won’t complain) as I will have my nose in the book. I would like to order two more of them in the New Year, but will wait for the post to get over the Christmas rush. Many thanks.

  2. TomA:

    Ann: It’s always good to hear from people for whom the blog and/or the book bring back memories of family or friends. You can expect mentions of the Parish family in the blog from early in the New Year so please register for e-mail alerts and ‘stay tuned’.

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