Wed. April 1 ’42 8.30 P.M.

Washed, dried, mangled and ironed on Monday, it is a long time since I last did that. I had finished when Rene came, she helped me clear up before dinner. She washed before she came.

Yesterday morning it poured with rain so as it was not fit for cleaning, I baked and we went to Alford after dinner to get petrol and see the bonesetter, as my hand kept getting worse. Ligaments were crossed Bromfield said. Father had his hair cut and Rene and I went to Godsmarks to buy material for costume, but found a ready-made which just fit, so had it instead. 9S/11D (18 coupons). It is a plain tailored, black, with faint white line and looks very swish. Shall have to take in darts at waist of skirt, otherwise it needs no altering. Bought 3 cheese size plates 10½d each, they used to be 4d or 5d, also stockings for Jean 4/6. Jean broke up today for month, she stayed at Coulstons until 4.15 bus and brought Father’s medicine from Boots also 50 Eph. for me.

Ron phoned up to Hall’s about 6.o’c last evening from Willoughby so Father fetched him. He had afternoon off so thought he would come home. He got out with his old pass and will get in somehow, didn’t seem to worry as he had a pass for today’s leave. It was nice to have him home for the night and we hope he gets in alright, otherwise he may lose his week-end leave. He expects to go to Yeadon on the 11th. Won’t be home again until 29th I expect. He hopes his 7 days leave will commence early in May. He looks very fit and well. Got the iron, changed his trousers and pressed his blue ones after he had tea last night. We took him back to Willo’by to catch 7.24 train. Did not wait for it as Father was on watch at 8.p.m. J.J. [Joe Jackson] has been put on the staff for beach patrol. Rene was going to gas lecture tonight she said. She came home Sat for tea, did not stay long as they were going to Crows for supper. She came for dinner and tea Sunday as Mr A was preaching. Father was out too taking preachers, he went to Knotts for dinner. It was a day of National Prayer. Fa dug up and cleared part of garden near front fence on Monday but it has been too wet since to finish it. It has been heavy showers this afternoon and evening. I washed Ron’s socks, dried and darned them and Mavis brought him a new pair, an Easter present from W.V.S. she said. Very nice ones too.

The wind which was almost a gale when we went to Wby. seems to have all gone now. Hope it will be fine and warm a few days now and things will grow. Have a big bud on one of my anemones. The bulb I set in flowerpot in house is in flower now, a lovely scented, cream narcissus with orange centre. My hydrangea is putting out new shoots and looks very healthy. Took my bag of rags, old clothes etc. to Priestley’s at Alford, they paid 1/6 st [stone (weight)] for them so I got 2/3, quite good.

Ron says Emmie has got Roy’s wed present, a set of hand embroidered pillow slips and bolster case. 25/0. Things are a terrible price. Think Rene and I are giving Maisie towels. Jean’s school report very good. 76.2% marks and is 5th out of 27 in form.

Godsmarks’ was a small ‘department-store’ with branches in Alford and Louth.

Joyce Coulston, living in Skegness, was Jean’s school-friend.

Will was probably invited to dinner with Knotts as the family of the ‘last preacher home’.

Have you read an introduction to May Hill & family (includes photographs) and explored ‘The Casualties Were Small’?

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